Smiles Can Reduce Stress Intensity Body

Smile One study showed a smile has real benefits related to health. According to the study, a smile can be a panacea to reduce tension on the problems faced in life.
Psychological scientists Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman of the University of Kansas, studying the potential benefits of smiling. Efforts to find a smile for the recovery benefits of stress faced by humans.
For this analysis the researchers focused on two main types of smiles. That is the only standard smile mouth muscles move, and the sincere smile muscles that move the mouth and eyes.
During the study phase, participants were trained to create different facial expressions. The volunteers were asked to hold the chopsticks in your mouth in such a way that their facial muscles to create different kinds of smiles.
After that, they were given a variety of activities designed to 'push' them. During that time, the researchers looked at physical reaction and measure the heart rate to determine the level of stress.
The results prove, smiles during a stressful activity is shorter. Not only that, a smile also reduces the intensity of the body's stress response. Regardless of whether someone is really happy or not.


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