A Star was Born, Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick touchdown run A star was born by the side of Candlestick recreational area on Monday night, along with a full-fledged quarterback controversy and, perhaps, the makings of a Super Bowl-caliber offense.

In the field of a game so as to underscored exactly why so many NFL players try to fight through concussion symptoms to stay on the tackle, the San Francisco 49ers' aerial attack got an unexpected course in the field of a 32-7 victory concluded the Chicago Bears. In the role of 49ers quarterback Alex Smith stood on the sidelines watching backup Colin Kaepernick tear up the Bears in the field of his head NFL start, he may possibly arrange dappled his mission security blowing away in the field of the chilly Bay breeze.

In the role of 49ers landlord Jed York asked rhetorically following the game, "What make you think the headlines long for be located tomorrow?"

Colin Kaepernick celebrates with TE Vernon Davis in imitation of they connected on a first-quarter TD. (AP)York knows the deal. So does 49ers command coach Jim Harbaugh, whose postgame interpretation in the region of which quarterback long for start after that Sunday's game in opposition to the Saints in the field of additional Orleans were purposely noncommittal. And if Smith's command doesn't still hurt from the disturbance it absorbed in the field of the 49ers' fasten with the St. Louis Rams the prior weekend, it was undoubtedly rotary Monday night in the role of he tried to process the ramifications of Kaepernick's breakout performance.

Smith, who fought pitiless to contract back on the tackle following his concussion in opposition to the Rams but wasn't blank by team doctors in imitation of taking a "contact test" on Sunday, apparently had his reasons. Though Smith ranks third in the field of the NFL with a 104.1 passer rating, his cellular phone and strong-armed backup displayed a downfield dimension seldom seen in the field of San Francisco since the Joe Montana/Steve brood glory days.

And while the later than usual '80s/early '90s debates in the role of to which of individuals hope foyer of Famers be supposed to run the Niners' ethereal offense may possibly arrange been the nurse of All Quarterback Controversies, Smith v. Kaepernick may possibly bear shown to be located a small piece better than a red-headed stepchild.

So, long for Harbaugh pass the sphere after again to Kaepernick by the side of the Superdome on Sunday, and perhaps afar? "We'll go out with," the coach assumed. "I mostly be likely to leave with the chap who's got the searing pass, and we've got two quarterbacks so as to arrange got a searing pass."

He's proper: Smith, who seemed to be located falling shown of encourage for the duration of a shaky effort in the field of the Niners' prior nationally televised at your house night game exactly single month earlier, bounced back emphatically in the field of his after that two starts. His combined stats since struggling in the field of so as to Thursday night victory concluded the Seattle Seahawks by the side of Candlestick: 25 of 27 passes in favor of 304 yards, four touchdowns and nix interceptions.