Who’s The Next, U.S. President?

Interesting things done each potential president of the United States (Barack Obama and Mitt Romney) to garner support in winning the U.S. Presidential election, 2012?

Search Attention Of The Babies
Both U.S. presidential candidates is out, take pictures with adorable babies can make them appear to be someone who is warm and pleasant. Babies also become part of the political strategy of imaging.

USA Campaign 2012 USA Campaign 2012

Aims voice; Women Voters
Democrats (Barack Obama) and Republicans (Mitt Romney) more aggressively seek voter support. They compete for the hearts of women voters.

Support From The Celebrities
U.S. President Barack Obama stands on stage with rapper Jay-Z and musician Bruce Springsteen in Columbus, Ohio, November 5, 2012. And singer Randy Owen and Meat Loaf singing with presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Defiance, Ohio, October 25, 2012.

USA Campaign 2012 USA Campaign 2012