Manager Google Raped and Killed

Vanessa Marcotte
Babbling News - Manager Google raped and killed, body was found a week after a sniffer dog incident. | Vanessa Marcotte (27) manager of the company's accountants giant Google was found dead in the area of ​​Woodland, United States, not far from the residence of his mother. the last, farewell Vanessa wants to jog there. The victim allegedly raped before being killed.

Earlier, Vanessa went missing for a week did not go home already. The new bodies were found Monday night bloodhound about half a mile from her mother's home in Princeton, Massachusetts.

Early Josep district attorney said, until now the local authorities have not been able to find the perpetrators as yet know the motive for the killing.

"There are no facts or witnesses to support the investigation. Communities should have cared and helped," he said.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Michele Powers Woodland city asked residents to cooperate by providing the information needed.

Vanessa is a graduate of Boston University and was later known to work at Google. The search engine company also expressed his condolences.

"Vanessa Marcotte is Google a good employee. He worked in the New York office since half a year ago. Personal friendly smile, always helping and loving Boston sports," Google wrote in a statement.

"We are very shocked and sad, and turu mourning for the families left behind," he continued.