Nuclear Satan Can Erase New York

Satan II, RS-28 Sarmat Nuclear Missile

Satan, the mainstay of Russia's nuclear missiles can remove New York for thousands of years.

Issues World War III is currently being surfaced amid a heated relationship between two nuclear powers, the United States (US) and Russia. Red Bear country led by President Vladimir Putin is reported to have started a movement.

Some time ago, President Putin reportedly has asked all officials to bring their families back to Russia. There are also reports that Moscow has transferred its nuclear capable missile, the Iskander to Kaliningrad - Russian pockets in the Baltic Sea.

On the following day, Russia through a submarine in the Barents Sea reportedly launched a new missile, Topol, who claimed to be the fastest in the world. And at the same time Moscow also fired more missiles on an island in the north of the country. It's rated as a preparation for war.

Although not yet could replace the US in the first rank as the country's military budget allocates the largest in the world, but the sophistication of Russian weapons unquestionable.

They have nuclear weapons, dubbed 'Satan' - the nickname given NATO 'or SS-18 and is predicted by one shot only able to' delete 'the East Coast if World War III erupts.

Russia is believed to also have 55 weapons were 'idle'. But experts warn enough with only five of them alone can make the East Coast of America destroyed.

Terrible again, the weapons were even touted able to make atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II 'look' is like 'toy gun'.

As many as four million people will lose their lives if the maximum magnitude Satan fired into the center of New York City.

Former assistant secretary of the finance ministry's economic policy, Paul Craig Roberts, predicts explicitly about Russian apocalyptic attack against the US.

"One nuclear missile Satan can remove three-quarters of New York state region for thousands of years," said Roberts was quoted as saying by the Daily Star, Monday (24/10/2016).

Called Satan missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads with a payload of up to 20,000 kilotons. It's a thousand times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

With a maximum payload, once hit Satan was able to kill 4.5 million people in New York, injuring 3.6 million people and sent radioactivity could spread beyond a distance of 600 miles.

Satan can also be armed with the power of a small nuclear 10 550 kiloton nuclear where each can be spread across a large area and can hardly be intercepted.

"One Satan can remove three-quarters of New York for thousands of years. While five or six Satan - as is known to the US military - the East Coast will disappear," said Roberts.

Able to penetrate the defense system of NATO.

Economists had warned, would be very easy for the Russians to destroy NATO and trigger a total collapse of the Western alliance.

Based on the FEMA report, the Russian nuclear targets in the East Coast includes a number of areas with large populations such as New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Jacksonville, and Washington DC.

Fear of a World War III raised after a number of parties warned that the 'global war' could erupt at any time between the US and Russia related to the conflict in Syria.

The US itself continues to increase its nuclear capacity as an attempt to deal with the threat from Russia, China, and North Korea.

While Moscow did the same in which they reportedly preparing a replacement for the SS-18 is much more powerful. NATO called him Satan 2 or RS-28 Sarmatian.