An Eye Around The Crater Batagaika Siberia, Russia

the crater Batagaika

I want to see Batagaika crater in Siberia, Russia. Google Map provides the results "We could not find batagaika crater" when using a keyword search "Batagaika Crater". Try again repeatedly but Google Map showing the results "Patomskiy Crater".

Then change your search using the key words "Siberia", Google Map shows only the regions of Russia and the countries around it.

Batagaika crater also called or referred to as "the gateway to the underground world", because of its mystical reputation worldwide.

Batagaika crater is sinkholes along the 1 kilometer and has a depth of up to 100 meters. Discovered about 1960, in Siberia, Russia. Each year, the crater Batagaika extends 15 centimeters.

Scientists say the crater Batagaika keep secret the Earth's past as the land that were found there from the age of 200 thousand years ago to uncover the environmental changes that occur during this time.

That confuses me, "Crater Batagaika discovered long enough and famous enough, why can not Google Map showing the location of the crater Batagaika?".

When I tried to search for his own wiggled Earth ball on a Google Map in the surrounding area called Batagaika crater location, I found the appearance of the earth as eye relief.

Having observed continuously and link the stories of craters Batagaika and findings, it appears the word "Yajuj - Majuj" and "Dajjal". It was just a presumption, not something that should be considered. I just wanted to share the findings of the earth in the form of eye relief.

See the video on youtube link, which I recorded using Google Earth Pro applications that have been distributed free of charge by Google.