Reaction Artists Who Stolen Nude Photo of iCloud

The artist who photographs nude hackers stolen from Apple's iCloud service began to speak. Reactions that they launched was different.

There has confirmed that the photo is his truth, there are angry, and some are rejected and claimed that the photos were spread that is false.

Here are some responses celebrities nude photo now circulating widely on the Internet:

Jennifer Lawrence. Through a spokesman, the main actress in the movie The Hunger Games confirmed that a nude photo spread that is true Jennifer Lawrence. He stated, "It is a violation of privacy. Authorities have been contacted and will sue anyone who posted the photos of Jennifer Lawrence."

Kate Upton. No different from Jennifer Lawrence, photo model Kate Upton lingerie also has confirmed the truth of nude photographs stolen from iCloud. He released an official press release to the media in which it declared, "This is the kind of privacy violation is outrageous to Kate Upton. We intend to pursue those who make the distribution or duplication of photographs of the illegally obtained."

Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
"A Good Day to Die Hard", chirping Winstead. The actress who played in a number of horror films is also confirmed that the photos were indeed hers and he took in 2013 with her husband. Through his personal Twitter account he said, "For those of you who've seen the photos I took with my husband last year, you should be proud."

Kirsten Dunst. Although not explicitly confirm the nude photographs of her that circulated, but the actress lover Mary Jane Spiderman indirectly reveal keberangannya to Apple. He chirped, "Thank iCloud," as he put pizza icon and human waste.

Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice. Unlike the others, both young celebrity is actually denied, and said that their exciting pictures circulating on the internet are fake.