Wood Fossil

Jati Wood Fossil
Woof Fossil (side view 1)
Not accidentally, I found the fossil wood. The fossil was with a pile of stones buried under the streets of broken asphalt.

In one such day, I've been many times through the streets and my eyes always fixed on a dirty stone. Finally I decided to take the stone and took it home. At home, I cleaned the stone using water and a brush.

The stone color looks different from the pile of stones turns black rock that became his friend on the road. This stone brown wood, visible lines forming wood screw them in general. I thought for a moment "is this a wood to stone?"

The stone I take it to some place, in the hope I get a response. From vendors and craftsmen stone that I have encountered, they replied the same as "This fossil wood, but do not know what kind of wood". But there is someone who says "This is wood fossil from Teak".

Although it does not know the type of wood, it's okay. This stone should I save it, become part of my rock collection that are still few in number.

Jati Wood Fossil
Woof Fossil (side view 2)
Jati Wood Fossil
Woof Fossil (looks down side)