Google is The King of Dark Fiber

In October 2007, Google announced that they are looking for the implementor dark fiber networks in the seabed between the U.S. and Asia to their bandwidth requirements. And Google has also bought a quantity of dark fiber that is very, very much. The legend says that Google's Dark Fiber currently has more dark fiber than any company in the world.

What is Dark Fiber
The emergence of "dark fiber" starts from the existence of a very large data. in the case of Arizona State University (ASU) and the center of genetic research institute located within 10 miles of each other, so to sync data if using copper wire, then the difference data will be within 7 days if using dark fiber, the difference data will be different only up to 1 hour. This is possibly due to Dark Fiber has kecepatan8.000 Gigabytes / hour or 8 TB / hour.

What will Google do with Dark Fiber?
Despite its dark fiber that is very much in the world, according to inside information, google did not turn on the dark fiber. If Google activate it then Google will be able to hijack and memonopili all Internet traffic, even farther than that.
With growing technology and bandwidth needs are greater then the Internet service provider (ISP) will struggle to meet the increasing demands of bandwidth. For example, the current movie download site providers increasingly scattered on the internet, as well as streaming online television and video, and download lagu/mp3.
To meet all these needs are clearly needed a massive increase in bandwidth. This can be done with the implementation of the Dark Fiber which has a speed of 8000 Gigabytes / hour

Google, the World Mastering the Internet
When ISPs reach their capacity, they have no choice but to have recourse to Google. With dark fiber has, google will solve all the world is limited bandwidth.
In fact, Google would not only monopolize the Internet traffic, with dark fiber, then Google will be a telephone company, cable company, stereo systems and digital video recorder to house all of us. It is very possible. And Google will rule the world.

When Google Will Enable Dark Fiber?
We will never tahu.Maka be prepared if one day our lives will rely heavily on Google