Victoria Beckham Choose Sleeping With Dog

Rumored that Victoria Beckham has moved from her marriage bed and into the spare room with her dog. Victoria who is currently pregnant to feel uncomfortable with her ​​weight. She felt his arms exchanged by her husband, David Beckham with his dog, Scarlet.

"Victoria has moved into her own bed at his home in Los Angeles," said a source quoted by the Daily Star.

The source added that Victoria could not sleep next to David again because he felt like a stranded whale and wanted to lie down.

David feels it is so funny, because he took a new puppy named Scarlet. Victoria is also treated as if the Scarlet newest daughter, before the native born.

This British footballer to understand if these days his wife easily offended. David thinks it is so funny, Scarlet kept him sane, especially when he saw how happy his wife moved from its place of marriage, and nesting bed with French bulldog.