Piggy Bank - Two Thousand Years Old

More than 1,200 coins in a piggy bank found relics of the Roman era, found in the former British army barracks.

Piggy Bank - Two Thousand Years Old

That the coins are approximately two thousand years old that year was found in a gray pot on a building in the area of ​​Colchester, Essex, England. Similarly, as quoted by the Express.

Storage is made ​​of copper covered by a layer of silver. Now the findings were sent to the British Museum in London for further investigation.

Philip Crummy, president of the Colchester Archaeological Trust, said that the coins are already protected before it was buried pretty well.

Crummy believe that the money was buried in the 3rd century after century AD, but the owner of the difficulty to find the burial location of the treasure.

"Year after AD 270 in the UK was a difficult time in eastern England, since the civil war in the Roman Empire.

"This is a very amazing discovery," said Simon Brown, Managing Director of Taylor Wimpsey East London.