Save Sumatran Orangutan

Year after year, always heard the news that the population of the rare animals of Indonesia are always reduced. As experienced by the Sumatran Orangutan. Never heard news of a population increase.

Save Sumatran Orangutan

Look at the facts, In the 1990s, estimated a typical mammal is living in the forests of Sumatra North Sumatra, Bukit Lawang precisely in approximately the 2000s. While the total in Indonesia reached 7000's.

Whereas today, in Bukit Lawang, Langkat, the numbers do not so much anymore. Dropped dramatically to 400's in North Sumatra. Or only 20 percent of the total 20 years ago.

The condition of the population in all of Indonesia's forests was much different. The total is now only around the 2000s alone. Or down 70 percent from the 1990's.

Orangutan lovers of course furious with the condition. One of them is, Tomiran (40). Not wanting to stand watching the condition. He also took part to save the Sumatran Orangutan is unique and rare.

For him, such as studying orangutans study humans. Although any animal, but Orangutans like to have feelings and character that is not much like humans. Each has its own character. So how to understand and get closer to any different way.

In Bukit Lawang, where Tomiran spent much of his time, said there are various characters Orangutans often he faced. There are emotional, easily upset. There is an easy to sulk, especially if it's too late to feed. There is also a loner, not like mingling with the other orangutans.

Since a dozen years ago, he had fallen in love with the uniqueness of the Orangutan. He also decided to become guardians Orangutan and active in various activities related to the Orangutan. No wonder if this time he served Sumatran Orangutan Observation Station Manager (SPOS) in Bukit Lawang, Langkat, North Sumatra.

Tomiran revealed that the cause of population decline drastically Sumatran Orangutan is a forest encroachment by the parties are not responsible. "As a result Orangutans forced out of the forest area and die because they can not survive outside the forest," said Tomiran.

Do not want to continue to let this condition, Tomiran also conduct strict guard in the Gunung Leuser National Park area of ​​Bukit Lawang sector, which was named security patrols of protected forest areas. The goal for illegal forest encroachment can be prevented.

"The officer that we muster about 32 people. Over the past two years has seen safe, there has never been more forest encroachment," said 46-year man.