5 Mad Scientist In the World

  1. Shiro Ishii (1892-1959)
    Shiro Ishii was a microbiologist scientist, he is also a Lieutenant General in Unit 731, a unit in charge of biological weapons during the Second Sino War. In 1932, he started an early attempt to create a secret biological weapons. But in execution, especially in the process of making and testing these weapons, Ishii committed acts that are not humane as a scientist. He makes the prisoners as guinea pigs, he even dissected pregnant women, and even letting prisoners froze body parts alive. Prisoners were injected to try a serum. Even to transmit as well as treat illness and gonorhea sifillis, he ordered the arrest man for raping female detainees.
    5 Mad Scientist In the World - Shiro Ishii

  2. Dr. Joseph Mengele (1911-1979)
    Joseph Mengele is known as one of the Nazi officer, SS, which is quite cruel. He is a physicist who supervise and examine the newly arrested prisoners. He who chooses and determines prisoners left alive or dead. Prisoners who lived to be employed with hard labor. Mengele dubbed the "Angel of Death". He even cut and dissect the bodies of prisoners as an experiment.
    5 Mad Scientist In the World - Dr. Joseph Mengele

  3. Alfred Nobel (1833-1897)
    He is a scientist who discovered the usefulness of nitroglycerin, in a dynamite, and turn it into a lethal explosive devices. In the manufacturing process was he had to give up the death of relatives and a few others, due to an explosion in the factory. But it is not comparable with other victims who fell after the discovery of dynamite. Finally he uses income and income from plant dinamitnya to hold a nobel awards each year, an appreciation for scientists and inventors. But there are some opinions this is done to divert public attention from the negative effects of his invention.
    5 Mad Scientist In the World - Alfred Nobel

  4. Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967)
    Manhattan Project (Manhattan Project), a group that is responsible for the creation and pengunaaan atomic bombs, and led by Dr. Oppenheimer, a nuclear expert genius. He said he was a member of the communist group in the United States west coast. He is a contributor of ideas for the interests of political parties in the world, and has been demonstrated. He is the one that created the cold war between East European superpower and the West which is the ally of the United States.
    5 Mad Scientist In the World - Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer

  5. Dr. Sigmund Rascher (1909-1945)
    He is a mad Nazi scientist, who also suggested enactment held and shelter to the captives and prisoners during World War II. He did a lot of medical experiments in the camps Dachau, he experimented hypothermia-a condition where the body's mechanism for temperature regulation difficulties to overcome the pressure cold temperatures, malaria, and others. At Dachau, he also created a deadly cyanide capsule. Very ironically, he died as result of a suicide pill.
    5 Mad Scientist In the World - Dr. Sigmund Rascher