Jaguar and Williams F1 - Make Super Hybrid Cars

"I am proud to introduce C-X75, "said Brand Director of Jaguar Cars Adrian Hallmark.

Jaguar and Williams F1 - Super Hybrid Cars

Super car was first introduced at the Paris Car Show. C-X75 is designed to 'performance supercar' Williams F1 technology that combines an internal combustion and electric motors.

This car produces less than 99g/km CO2 emissions. Hallmark said the C-X75 is a 'breakthrough' vehicle CO2 emissions.

"This car will remain exclusively with the expertise of William F1," he continued.

This car is a transfer of motorsport technologies into ordinary road vehicles. This car is equipped with a traditional gasoline engine with two electric motors. This car is capable of driving more than 321 km.jam and can reach speeds of 96 km / h in three seconds.

This car is priced U.S. $ 1.15 million and will be produced from 2013 to 2015.

"C-X75 clear leader in technology and ready to drive into the future,"he concluded.