Harold Camping Hiding After His Prediction was Proved

Media in the United States reported Harold Camping is not seen since he was promoting this doomsday predictions turned out wrong. Contact telephone and e-mail to Family Radio's Harold Camping is not answered. He predicted the apocalypse happens on Saturday (21 / 5) right at 18:00 in different time zones around the world.

Harold Camping - false prophets

The Washington Post newspaper reported telephone services to prevent suicide is opened to anticipate the possibility of people who believe in prophecy was depressed after doomsday predictions do not come true. A group of residents of Calvary Gospel Church in Milpitas, California, held a Mass in the morning to comfort those who believe with the content of sermons Harold Camping.

"We are here because we care about these people," wrote the New York Times quoted James Bynum who was one of the princes of the church.

However, many dismissed the views of Christian Camping. Some even described him as "false prophets".

Most of the atheists partying to celebrate melesetnya doomsday predictions. Meanwhile, a group of people who are not believers gathered outside the headquarters of Family Radio's Harold Camping International in the area of ​​Oakland, California, when the forecast deadline passed.

"This is probably one sad thing I have ever read, the news that there are children out there whose parents spend funds college savings and sell their homes," said a woman told the BBC.

Camping says he knows without any doubt a piece of that doomsday will arrive. He stated there is no backup plan.

He had been predicted doomsday in 1994. His followers later claimed the prophecy refers only to the stage between.