Masturbate 47 Times A Day!

Catarina Silvares Bezerra, 36, suffered from a hormone disorder that makes it a hiperseks. Imagine, a day accountant Vila Velha in the State of Espírito Santo can be addicted to masturbation to 47 times, including when he worked in the office.

Catarina Silvares Bezerra

Sexual desires that just came to me. If not channeled, Bezerra claim can not concentrate. "This is not normal, but I can not help it," says Bezerra in AOL, Wednesday, May 18, 2011. This condition is certainly disturbing coworkers.

This is what makes Bezerra sue the local court. He begged to be allowed to vent their sexual desires that anytime he wanted. Uniquely, the Court granted the request of Brazil specially for Bezerra this weird one. Besides legalized masturbate in office, he was allowed to watch pornography on his computer.

This court's decision to invite controversy. "The case is interesting," said Carroll Quinn, a sex specialist. This condition is probably not going to happen in other countries because of cultural differences. "He may have been fired if it happens in other countries," said Virginia Keeney, attorney Bezerra.

Now, Bezerra routine treatment. Each day is given a sedative to reduce sexual desire. Although Bezerra hormone disorder is difficult to control, once he was able to reduce the desire menstruation up to 18 times per day.

Masturbate 47 Times A Day!