10 New Planets in Milky Way

Ten new planets "floating" through the galaxies found in an international team of astronomers led by New Zealand scientists. Tenth Jupiter-sized planet that is a new discovery in the history of the Milky Way. The invention uses software developed by computer scientists Massey University, Wellington, Australia.

Milky Way

"They are giant planets in our galaxy, about the size of Jupiter. It was during this tenth planet somewhere in between us and the stars," said Ian Bond, an Astro Physics, recently. The planets were believed to be located about two-thirds of the center of the galaxy, located about 25,000 light-years.

If they are visible to the naked eye, the planets would be pitch black, because they do not emit light. This new planet could be removed from the solar system since the meeting of gravity close to other planets or stars. Most likely the new planets grow from collapsing ball of gas and dust, but do not have the mass to ignite the fuel and produce starlight alone.

These findings led the researchers hope that the free floating Earth-size planets that could support life. Although until now the possibility was small, such planet yet detected.