Kesha Make a Necklace From Teeth

If Lady GaGa want to launch a perfume-scented blood and sperm, another story with Kesha. Young singer who also has a quirky style is currently hunting gear fans who will be a necklace!


Tik Tok song singer was admitted got the idea to make a necklace of teeth his fans after sent a tooth by one of his fans. Today, Kesha was asking the fans to send her teeth that date to be special necklace.

"I got a tooth from a fan. I make necklaces. But now I really want to make a necklace made ​​of teeth and my fans wear to an awards ceremony. So. I mean is, please send us your teeth (to me). I really seriously. I need your teeth, "wrote Kesha via Twitter account.

"adult teeth?? Come on. You must have savings. Ok so send it to this address: po Kesha box120479 / nashville tn 37 212. I love my fans btw, let me put on your teeth," he continued.

Apparently wearing a necklace of 'limbs' seems familiar to Kesha. This girl claimed that her mother was changing the placenta into a necklace that is always worn to enhance the ability of his mind.

"Saving My favorite is the placenta. My mother found him in the basement, destroy it and turn it into a necklace that I wore every day to improve the ability psikisku," he said.