Mastodon Skull Found in Chile

Mastodon skull that is very well maintained - a relatively equal to the current elephant - was found in Santiago, Chile, during excavation activities at a water treatment plant, said one scientist involved in the findings on Tuesday (17 / 5).

Mastodon Skull

"This is a skeleton skull gomphothere (mastodons) in very good condition," said paleontologist Rafael Labarca told AFP on Wednesday, about the findings of the animal.

Mastodon had two to four ivory and died about 10,000 years ago. "The framework was found on February 15, during work to expand the water treatment plant in Santiago by the French company, Suez, and the company's Chilean Andes.

One lower jaw and spine mastodon discovered in 2008 in southern Chile, but that for the first time experts paleantologi Chile intact skeleton ever found one, said Labarca.

The study, funded by the French company, Suez, and conducted under the supervision of the National Museum of Natural History, is expected to generate information at the latest by the end of this year regarding lifestyle and movement of animal migration.