Puff Daddy Change His Name

It seems the public will once again be confused by the hip hop icon, P Diddy, or who may be better known by his real name Sean Combs. The reason this man decided to once again change the name!

Puff Daddy

Fortunately, the new name Combs will only be used during the next week, to celebrate the recent recovery from illness suffered. Earlier, singer song I'll Be Missing You could also keep changing the name. The name of Puff Daddy never worn, which turned into P Diddy, then returned to its original name Sean Combs Puff.

In a video recorded with some friends, Diddy explained that this name change to mark the return of himself after the sick and the 'dying under theblanket '.

"I decided to change my name for a week to celebrate the return of myself. this week, you may call me with a new name, check it out, my new name is Swag," Combs said on camera.

Diddy also had style with his eyebrows and told his friends shouting his new name. Not only through a video clip, the rapper even create a new Twitter account with new name.

"Allow me to introduce myself. MY NAME IS SWAG SWAG # RT TO THE ENTIRE WORLD!" he wrote on his new account, @ iamswag.