The Missouri Tornado kills 116 People

The death toll from tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri continues to grow. The latest victims of this terrible hurricane swallow 116 people. The cyclone also devastated the small town center Mildwestern, with hospitals and tore roofs destroyed thousands of homes and business premises.

The Missouri Tornado

Emergency officials on Monday (23 / 5), said 116 people were killed and as many as 400 people were injured. According to local officials, many victims suffered severe internal injuries.

The crew of the emergency department to search throughout the night and through heavy rain storm accompanied on Monday to find survivors. "Seven people have been rescued," said Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

"We believe there are people alive under rubble and we will try hard to do a search to reach them," said Nixon.

Some residents who survived to tell horror stories about the wind with a speed of 306-318 kilometers per hour in a cooler at the restaurant and store, and they hid in the bathtub and toilet [read: Tornado Back lunge U.S., Dozens Killed]. Tornadoes were also made ​​people fear as he ran.

"We hit a rock and I did not even know what about me," said Leslie Swatosh (22), who huddled on the floor of the liquor store with some people anymore. They hold hands and pray.

When the tornado passed, the store was destroyed but everyone who was in it survived. "Everyone in the store thankful. Nothing is left in the store," he said.

Several other hurricane with great strength is forecast to hit the region. This year will allegedly recorded very strong tornadoes in several states.

Adding to the rescue effort is difficult to electricity poles collapsed, broken gas lines sparking fires, and cell phone communications disrupted by the 17 phone tower collapsed.

The Missouri Tornado

The Missouri Tornado

The Missouri Tornado