Beetle Predator - Eating Alive Frog

Epomismen so predatory beetles to frogs and lizards that in fact is a lot bigger. According to scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel, the beetles usually eat small animals such as insects, worms or invertebrate animals die.

Beetle Predator

However, according to researcher Gil Wizen, when there are 'relatives' beetles are preyed upon lizards or frogs, this beetle will take revenge by attacking and prey on frogs or lizards that.

These beetles including extraordinary phenomenon no invertebrate animals that prey on invertebrate animals, he added. Beetles Epomis not necessarily attack the prey.

Researchers found that this beetle will get closer to their prey before eventually attacked him at night. When attacked, these beetles will bite back and stabbed the victim to become paralyzed.

That's when Epomis beetles eat their victims slowly. As quoted discovery, these beetles take several hours to spend 'santapannya' it.