10 Weird Human Behavior

The same applies to the behavior. For example, when there is something funny, people laugh uproariously. Selaini tu man spent a third day in a condition known as dead or sleeping. Ponder these behaviors, you will find it very strange. Here are 10 things that ordinary humans always done strange man with a reason to do it.

  1. Cry
    Grief can make tears fall. Among all creatures, only man who could weep with emotion. Not only useful to communicate feelings, scientists believe there is unwanted hormones in tears and other proteins produced during stress mass. This sort of thing is called the effect of 'good cry'.
  2. Hiccup
    Hiccups are spasms of forced diaphragm (membrane chest muscles to breathe). This makes the muscle spasms caused much irritation or at least the food in the stomach. Strangely, hiccups do not have a purpose. One hypothesis states, hiccups are remaining primitive sucking reflex.
  3. Sleep
    Humans spend a third of his time to sleep. Nobody can get through the day without sleep. This is the only behavior that can be understood. Sleep allows the 'maintenance' of chemical production during the wake for brain development. Some theories indicate, sleep is important for memory and learning. Sleep also helps incorporate into episodic memory 'storage' long-term.
  4. Death
    Technically, death is not everyday activities. However, death occurs in many people at once each day. Why? Humans die because of cell death. Although the cells are constantly updated for 70 years, the cells can not renew itself forever. In the cell there are telomeres to store genetic information. However, over time, telomeres was unable to save the information and the cell can not divide again.
  5. Seeing in 3D
    How can the human eye can produce 3D vision? It is actually a mind trick. The human brain utilizing 'binocular disparity' in order to see a different picture from the left and right eye. In addition, using the picture, the human brain reconstructs the depth.
    For close objects, the brain is registering 'convergence' of the human eye in order to determine how far the distance. When looking at anything that moves, that distance unconsciously created a 'parallax' which at different speeds, the object will look closer or away.
    Seeing in 3D
  6. Embarrassed
    Flushed cheeks blushed make. This reaction is common in humans as social attention. Blush can be triggered to meet important people, received praise and experiencing strong emotions in social situations. Biology blushed work with expanding areas of blood vessels to face flushing effect. However, until now, scientists did not understand what the function was embarrassed.
  7. Kiss
    Biological instinct is indeed seem strange. Kissing lets people use smell and taste in order to assess their partner. Breath and saliva someone save a bookmark chemical signals healthy or sick. Furthermore, the skin on the nose and mouth covered with oil containing pheromones, chemical, biological makeup of human.
    When getting pheromone during a kiss, unconsciously, people are becoming increasingly interested or not interested in sex. Psychologists believe, physical action helps couples kiss 'become acquainted'.
  8. Fart
    Each food and drink, the gas enters the body. In fact, a normal thing fart 1.9 liters or about 15-20 'tut' every day. Fart special aroma comes from stomach bacteria. When processing food into nutrients in the gut, microbes produce hydrogen sulfide odor (rotten egg gas similar). Like humans, these bacteria really like sweet foods. This type of natural sugar in milk and fruit into contributors 'tut' majority.
  9. Laugh
    When there is something funny, laughter is always the urge appears. Laughter is strange. Why do people laugh? Psychologists believe this behavior is a response to signal to others through the dissemination of positive emotions, reduce stress and the contribution of cohesion. It is also common in primates, chimpanzees and orang-utans as well laugh while playing.
  10. Blink
    Blinking is not a strange thing. Tenth of a second activity is to remove dust particles and distribute lubricating fluid into the eyeball. It is strange, people always could not 'see' the darkness within 20-10 seconds aktivtas it. Scientists found that the human brain has the talent while ignoring the dark. Blinking suppresses the activity of several brain areas responsible for detecting changes in the environment. As a result, humans can perceive the world in sustainability.