Japan - Students are The Most Polite In The World

Japan can boast of state discipline students are in school. Japanese student behavior in class is better or best in the world. Thus the results of international research.

Japan Student

According to the results, students in Japan in the highest position in the ranking of good behavior. Report of the OECD economic cooperation forum to find the amount of disruption in the classroom in the year 2009 less than the final results of the study in 2000.

Students in the UK behaves better when compared to the average behavior of students in other countries. However, Asian countries and regions dominate the top positions in the ranking list of best behavior.

OECD published a statistical analysis of behavior collected as part of an international research forum. The study also compared the performance of the education system.

OECD study looking at the level of disruption that occurred in class in terms of how long the teachers have to wait for students aged 15 years''to be calm''in the learning process. The study found that, although many people worry about bad behavior, and acting rowdy teenagers likely to be lower when compared with similar international analysis in 2000.

General belief''as long as this trust student discipline down from one generation to the next generation. Confidence is also believed that teachers lose control of their class. However, the general belief was mistaken,''said the OECD report. ''Between 2000 and 2009, discipline in schools was not worse. In fact, in many countries have increased student discipline.''

Countries and regions in Asia occupies seven of the top 10 places. The top three places are occupied by countries in eastern Europe.

Japan Student

Two school systems of China (Shangai and Hong Kong) are in the top four positions. This reflects the emergence of China as an emerging superpower education.

In the measurement results of research on literacy skills, published in December, the Shanghai school system occupies a top position in the world. In this behavioral study, Britain ranked 28th with a score that put the behavior of British students on average. British position behind the United States and Germany, but above France and Italy.

International education rankings OECD study puts the Scandinavian countries in the down position. Finland, which usually stay in the top order of the world's school, located in the bottom three positions. Only Argentina and Greece called experience more disruption in the classroom.