8 Habits of The Wrong Done to The Skin

The following points are some "violations" that unconsciously we often do in the face. If not stopped soon, it could destroy all our efforts in maintaining beauty. Anything?
  1. Sunscreen
    Actually we already tired of repeating this, but still many women who consider sun screen is not important. Once again, this has nothing to do with skin blackened, but without sun screen, we will quickly damaged skin and aging.
  2. Squeeze pimples
    "Lust" to break or squeeze pimples are hard to avoid. But if you do not want it getting worse and acne scars, keep your hands from it. To minimize the red bumps of acne, simply compress with a clean towel containing ice.
    Squeeze pimples
  3. Face wash
    Not wanting to acne or blackheads, you also wash your face with soap and facial cleanser every 4 hours. As a result, skin dry, and dry skin causing irritation and clog pores. The pores are clogged, potentially raises acne.
    Face wash
  4. Combination skin
    You probably know if your skin is dry type. But many who can not distinguish with combination skin oily skin. Just pick the combination skin of excess oil in the region T (around the forehead and nose), while the cheeks and other areas to normal. So, if you skinned combination, apply the product for oily skin only in the regions T only, not the entire face.
    combination skin oily skin
  5. Sunblock
    Never forget to wear sunscreen on the face before going outdoors. But do not forget, the skin also needs protection from the sun, because the clothing is not enough. The skin of the body most often experience premature aging from the sun is in your chest, because this part is often forgotten for dioles sunblock.
  6. Products that contain gold or other metal
    Night cream is expensive because they contain gold dust, it does not mean the effect is good for your skin. According to many dermatologists, creams that contain gold and metal materials can actually cause dermatitis.
    contain gold or other metal
  7. Facial
    Everyone knows that going to sleep while still full face make-up is the most important restrictions. But there's one more thing that is not less important: face wash in the morning. Although you already wash your face before bed, you still have to clean your face as you wake up.
  8. Smoke
    Toxins contained in a cigarette inhibit oxygen flow to the skin, and cause the skin to become dull. Smoking is also proven to accelerate the emergence of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.