Breast-Weighted 25 Kg

A woman from Minnesota, United States, have breasts that reportedly become the largest in the world. Weighing 25 pounds and the size reached 164 XXX, tits made ​​him suddenly famous.

Chelsea Charms - Breast-Weighted 25 Kg

Chelsea Charms, a nude model and dancer who has a super jumbo-sized breasts. Charms are indeed born with an unusual breast sizes. He claimed most important asset that has brought much attention and she loved him. Charms even named her breasts with the name "Itsy and Bitsy. "

Charms Breast not necessarily big on its own. Implant process known as polypropylene helped to get the breast size they want.

"I never planned to be this big. I raise my breasts because I wanted to be a featured dancer. Dancers featured in the eyes of the laity is a professional exotic dancer and breast size is one qualification. Before I sized D and ashamed to admit it during school. After graduating I learned to appreciate my body shape, "I Charms.

Although pleased that get a lot of attention, Charms admitted sad because trouble doing certain things. "I had trouble to use the aircraft toilet. Eating is also a problem because I have to sit so far away from my food," he added.