Discovery - 17 Missing Egyptian Pyramids

Some 17 pyramids of Egypt are swallowed by the earth's lost can now be found by using the latest satellite. With new satellite that could also reveal more than 1,000 ancient tombs and 3,000 settlements by using infrared light that can be telescoped into the underground building.

Further excavation is now being conducted against a number of findings including the two buildings suspected of being a pyramid. "Digging a pyramid is a dream for all archaeologists," said Dr. Sarah Parcak as quoted by BBC Indonesia, Wednesday (25 / 5).

He is the pioneer of archeology with the use of space technology from a NASA laboratory in Birmingham, Alabama, and said it was surprised by this discovery. An infrared satellite image shows a hidden pyramid, located in the center of the box shine.

The system works via a satellite orbiting 700 kilometers above the earth, equipped with a powerful camera that can photograph objects with a diameter of less than 1 meter above ground. Infrared photography is used to distinguish the material below the soil surface.