Declining Bee Population In the World Because Mobile Phones.

Dr Daniel Favre sure, mobile phone signal became one of the factors causing reduction in bee population the world over the last 25 years. Honey bee population in the UK, is now reduced by half.

Bee Population

Meanwhile, in the United States (U.S.), colonies of bees suddenly disappear in the winter. To that end, the team tested by putting the phone under a beehive. After that, the research team carefully consider the reaction of bees.

The team found that bees can find out when the phone receive or make calls. Approximately 20-40 minutes after the phone is switched on, the bees are out shrill high voice and became agitated.

After a two minute phone call ended, the movement of bees calmed down. Although this study did not directly prove cell phone signals can kill bees, Favre insists electromagnetic wave signal 'contribute' in the world's bee population decline.

"The study shows, an active cell phone makes bees disrupted and dramatic effect," he said.

However, as quoted by the Daily Mail, other bee experts did not immediately approve the Favre analysis. "The results of this study is interesting but not yet prove the phone is responsible for the loss of bee colonies," said Norman Carreck bee expert.