Barack Obama Twin - 6 People In the World

Barack Obama

  1. Gerardo Puisseux
    He was an online journalist for a TV site United States speaking Spanish, because many say she is similar to Obama so that he became a star in one show Reality Show on TV.
    Gerardo Puisseux

  2. Nozomu Sato
    Origin japanese comedian is trying to become Obama to be sent to America, and with this he is willing to make the color of his skin becomes brown let me say Obama.
    Nozomu Sato

  3. Michael Lamar
    He was hired by Icon, an agency of people ngetop American origin. Remarkably, gait Lamar came to France because the country hired by the Committee of Black Associations Reprentative Barack Obama.
    Michael Lamar

  4. Claudio Henrique Dos Anjos
    Brazilian politicians are up to the intention of changing his name to Barack Obama to get the most votes in the election of the Governor in Rio de Janiero.
    Claudio Henrique Dos Anjos

  5. Soultice
    Hip hop producer from Columbia gives the photos via the Internet while stating that he is similar to Obama.

  6. Ilham Anas
    Ilham Anas is an ordinary people from Indonesia, and its resemblance to Obama made ​​Anas became famous and even has starred in advertising a drug product in the Philippines.
    Ilham Anas