Will Smith - Making New York City Resident was Angry.

Often disrupt the filming of the surrounding community, especially if the 'private area' they got distracted. This is what happened to Will Smith, who make New Yorkers angry! What are the reasons?

Will Smith

For the purposes of filming MEN IN BLACK III, Smith rented a giant truck trailers used as temporary shelter. Unfortunately, the actor considered arbitrarily sized house trailer parked on the street is a private housing residents, even though Smith also rented a luxury apartment located about 1 mile from the shooting location.

Some people protest and stated that the trailer is like a ship Titanic which was parked in their driveway. Imagine, a car trailer covering about 107 square meters have 2 bathrooms in it! Residents also complained and stated that Smith's trailer parked in the narrow streets of Soho, Manhattan is even larger than the average home in New York.

Even more frustrating for residents, Smith is also the second giant trailer park, which is used specifically as a place of his gym, measuring half the first trailer. This luxury car also houses a 'TV room' with a screen 100 inches, two bedrooms and a bathroom clad granite. This car has 22 wheels and weighs 30 tons.

Although already used to seeing done filming near their house, but the residents assess 'behavior' Smith is outrageous. "This sucks! We stayed here 26 years and we've never seen (truck) of this magnitude," said one resident who lives right next to Smith's trailer.

A spokesman for Sony Pictures Entertainment, which employs Smith stated, "We know that we are guests here and we will always respect the territory, citizens, and interests."