Ancient Age Condom

From historical records, the condom has been used since several hundred years ago. Around the year 1000 BC the ancient Egyptians used a linen sheath snacks to prevent disease.

Ancient Age Condom

Ancient Age Condom

In the year 100 to year 200 AD the early evidence of condom use in Europe comes from painting a cave scene in Combrelles, France.

1500s for the first published description and trials tool in the form of condoms to prevent disease in Italy. When it claims to find Gabrielle Fallopius sheath made of linen and were tested in 1100 as a male condom. From the experiment was not one of those who became infected with syphilis. The discovery proves that the linen cloth is useful to prevent infection. However, later known condoms as a means of preventing pregnancy. It starts from the experiments on linen cloth soaked with liquid chemical 1500s. When linen soaked in chemicals and then dried and subject to man the fabric that can turn off the sperm.

1700s, condoms made from animal intestines. Material changes that make the price of condoms to be more expensive than condoms made of linen. When that condoms are known as "armor against pleasure and cobwebs prevent infection." Condoms are the type that are used repeatedly.

In 1894, Goodyear and Hancock began to mass-produce condoms made of rust which vulcanised to reverse crude rubber into a strong elasticity. In 1861 for the first time published in the United States of condoms in the newspaper The New York Times. 1880, condoms made of latex, but its use of new widely in the 1930s.

In 1935 about 1.5 million condoms produced each day in the United States. Then in the 1980s and the 1990s in the United States condom market is dominated local condom factory. New 1987 Japanese production of condoms by Kimono brand entered the U.S. market. Condoms are thin and soft ads also emphasized that the pleasure is as important as prevention.

In the 1990s came a variety of condoms and also for the first time available polyurethane condom. In 1993 annual production reached 8.5 million latex condoms billion.