Indonesia In The Eyes of Richard Gere

Richard Gere
Arriving in Yogyakarta on Sunday, June 26, 2011, Hollywood film star, Richard Gere, immediately drove to Magelang, Central Java. Over at Borobudur, Richard Gere will meditate on Monday, June 27, 2011 morning around 04.00. After that, he will conduct a walk, reading a prayer of peace Parita with the monks with him. Told reporters that he put forward a number of reasons to visit Borobudur temple. He said, the trip to Borobudur temple ritual is to investigate more deeply the history teacher. "The trip to Borobudur is important for me to know better what to do with my teacher, it is important for the study of me personally," said Richard Gere once arrived at the temple complex of Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, on Sunday, June 26 2011.Gere catapult story funny when asked if interested in holding a stupa of the temple as tourists are wont to do when visiting Borobudur. "I actually tomorrow going meditation on the stupa," said Gere. Richard Gere is an active follower of the Dalai Lama, a professor of Tibetan Buddhist origin. According to Gere, Indonesia is a fascinating country with a lot of history, especially with regard to the historical development of Buddhism. "Indonesia is a fascinating country to study history," said Gere.Gere claimed to have visited Indonesia 25 years ago, but did not come to Jakarta. "I was in Bali, in Jakarta now," said Gere.