Married with The Corpse

A French woman's love to his lover to death, to remain married to her fiance's body in the grave. As preached Dailymirror on Friday (23 / 6), Karen Jumeaux stay married to Anthony Maillot who had died two years ago.

They became engaged in 2007 ago. But, Anthony died 2009 ago due to accidents. Since then, Karen tried to stay married to her fiance, although it must perform a variety of ways, including requesting the approval of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Karen finally be married to Anthony for a special guarantee. Wearing a white dress, she was married in Anthony buried in Dizy-le-Gros, eastern France, witnessed by family and friends nearby. Karen and Anthony has one son. Anthony died before her wedding day.

"Anthony was my first and last love. We have been together for four years. Now, I am a wife. I will always love him," said Karen with tears. He added that he should be raising a child with Anthony, but fate would.

French legal experts say that Karen wanted to get married again, she must remain filed suit for divorce.