Stone Seilindrik, 12 Thousand Years Old

Jambi - Indonesia. Kerinci Cultural Iskandar Zakaria said the stone Seilendrik 12 thousand years old found in Kerinci is one of two similar stones that exist in the world.

"Stone Seilindrik found in Kerinci in 1973 is a relic of megalithic stones are very rare, which in Kerinci is one of two that exist in the world," says cultural researcher who is also culture Kerinci Jambi BP3 representative officer in Kerinci, Iskandar Zakaria, in Kerinci, Friday.

He said that other similar Seilindrik stone found in India. In Kerinci the rock sites discovered in several locations such as the Sick, Roving Jujun in the district of Lake, in Little Village and Lolo in the district of Gunung Raya Lempur, and in Kumun Sungaipenuh city.

"When found his condition is still intact. But the stones are of high historical value start marred by a group of people who suspect the existence of the treasure stored in stone around 1990," he said.

At the site contained stones Seilendrik between the Village and Lolo Village of Mount Talang District Kemuning Raya estimated 12-thousand-year-old had been damaged by people who suspect carved in it there is gold.

"It is unfortunate if this is left damaged historic sites for granted. We expect any attention from the center, in order to help care for this historic site," he explained.

Likewise with the existing stone on the island Selendrik Cage, Small Lolo, Lolo Gedang, who was already very old. One measure is the stu with no relief contained in the rock carvings in addition to free engraving.

While other megalithic stones such as stone chair, stone door, stone mortar, stone mortar, broken stone, and stone gongs yangtersebar in various districts were also found in a condition that went untreated.

"The Stone Chair is located in the village Lempur also very unique. Batu seats there are only two in Indonesia, except in Kerinci stone is also found in Lombok," said Iskandar.

Civilization in Kerinci tida marked only with the findings of megalithic stones and seilindrik, but also supported also by the presence of caves bergrafiti, and artifacts such as menhir, dolmen, hand-held stone axes, pick axes and other stone such as a private museum that is stored in Iskandar Sungaipenuh Zakaria in the city.

"Goa-goa in Kerinci is also very unique, and well be evidence of human presence in prehistoric times, this is also supported by the finding of fossils of a giant tooth in some places like the village Kumun recently," he said.