Excited Gossip Obama and Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, keep up Thursday did not realize so as to the microphone in the field of the gathering area by the side of the G20 summit in the field of Cannes was burning, at the same time as he calls Benjamin Netanyahu at the same time as a "liar"

"I can not viewpoint with Netanyahu, he's a pretender," thought Sarkozy by the side of the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Obama, who plus did not realize so as to the microphone has been activated and are being monitored by a reporter through the headset, the same factor.

"Are you fed up with him, I beg your pardon? In relation to me who retain to deal with him even additional often than you," thought Obama, at the same time as in black and white by Haaretz newspaper in print in the field of Israel.

Obama plus complained to Sarkozy in relation to French voice so as to wires the Palestinian membership in the field of UNESCO, and asked him to let the cat out of the bag the Palestinians to bring to a halt their independent steps in the field of the UN.

"We retain to impose cost-effective sanctions on the Palestinians," Obama thought.

Several journalists, with a little from chief media organizations, heard the conversation but not reported by the side of at the outset. The journalists agreed so as to moment, proclaimed it would stay a breach of journalistic ethics.

However, the French media, Arret Sur Images, categorical to friendly it widely.