Simoncelli be the Name of the Circuit in Italy

Marco Simoncelli Misano circuit in the field of Italy long for come about renamed to memorialize the rider Marco Simoncelli who died in the field of Malaysia keep up month was.

Simoncelli for the duration of his stay in the field of Cattolica, which is with reference to eight kilometers from the circuit.

"We are proud of this circuit is straight away named Marco Simoncelli. He is a countless participate, both in the field of everyday life in the role of well in the role of a racer," thought Luca Colaiacovo, director of the circuit, in the role of quoted by the BBC.

Misano MotoGP fly held since 2007 and in favor of organizing this time was won by Jorge Lorenzo.

Simoncelli, a element of the Honda team, was fourth but straight away his last name not come about separated from the circuit.

"This last name loose change in the role of a tribute to his kind and hundreds of thousands of fans Simoncelli, humanist and daring riders," added Colaiacovo.

"I would like to thank the kind and told them I would say so as to Simoncelli long for prolong to come about with us forever," he thought.

Italian Honda team executive Fausto Gresini, thought so as to while all parties feel the deep sorrow caused by death Simoncelli, MotoGP fly season be supposed to come about continued.

"This decision is not comfortable. But we certain would not yearn for to fly Simoncelli canceled. Fall back into the arena of our racing is the superlative way to remember him," thought Gresini.