Ricky Martin Married His Gay Partner

Ricky Martin and Carlos Gonzales Ricky Martin's statement stating with the aim of he is gay apparently serious. This clock he again made a controversial statement by stating with the aim of he would marry her male partner!

Coverage from MTV, songster song Livin La Vida Loca has revealed with the aim of she and her lover named Carlos Gonzales command regard their wedding in the sphere of the kingdom of Spain.

The decision to give birth to their wedding in the sphere of Spain was not taken lightly. Ricky, who was born in the sphere of Puerto Rico it does give birth to Spanish blood from her grandmother. In the sphere of addition, he besides wanted to give tribute to the kingdom for the reason that it has managed to search out the status of Spanish citizens.

Previously, couples Ricky Martin and Carlos Gonzalez has been in the sphere of a association in support of four years. In point of fact, they give birth to lingering considered it, it's simply a group of obstacles and difficulties facing. The only remaining a small amount of years they were even enforced to undergo long-distance courtship.

"I'll search out married," whispered Ricky.