Sarkozy Called Iran Spread Liar Propaganda

Nicolas Sarkozy French President Nicolas Sarkozy personally at an angle at the end of the day sent a epistle to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The epistle correlated incidents Sarkozy who called Netanyahu a 'liar' and he did not dearth to be acquainted with with Netanyahu again, the G20 forum two weeks past.

All the rage the epistle, Sarkozy invited Israel to jointly condemn Iran all the rage its nuclear facilities. Sarkozy's private epistle, claimed, contains a persuasive statement with the intention of the French president on Iran. Sarkozy criticized Iran has whispered it fictitious propaganda the world over correlated nuclear facilities. He at that time promised France would support in mint condition sanctions on Iran all the rage the International Atomic Agency summit all the rage the in front of prospect.

By the edge of the epistle, Sarkozy writes, 'With critical friendship' with his scribble. This way of behaving is all the rage standard diplomatic very rarely ended.

The French government handed the epistle to the French Ambassador to Israel Christophe Bigot. Awkward event two weeks past was a stun to somebody. Once with the intention of Sarkozy told Obama, "I can not be on your feet opposed to Netanyahu, he is a fraud!". Obama shot back stating, "you can not be on your feet? I be inflicted with to relate to him each time."

Exchange of ideas is valuable with the intention of the two leaders was accidentally leaked on reporters casing the exchange of ideas device.

The fair igloo the instant whispered with the intention of the working association Obama and Netanyahu is not disturbed by the event.