Giant Asteroid Darting Across the Earth

Asteroid 2005 YU55 This rare event occurred carry on measure in the sphere of 200 years before. An outer deep space objects or else asteroids, which is bigger than goods planes, predicted to come about shot in the sphere of concerning the earth and the moon in the sphere of a very close distance.

This rare instant was likely on Tuesday (8/11) afternoon tomorrow. Specifically by the side of 6:28 pm (U.S. And Canada).

The distance of the earth with a sway the size of aircraft goods with the aim of is the nearby distance in the sphere of the carry on 35 years. However, the presenter held the asteroid, named 2005 YU55 it willpower not bump our planet.

"We really believe 100 percent with the aim of this asteroid is not a menace," thought director of NASA's in the vicinity of Earth Object plan, Don Yeomans. "However, this remains a risk."

Asteroid 2005 YU55 pragmatic through ground antennas whilst the asteroid is approaching Earth from the sun. The carry on measure the same object approaching the earth by the side of a distance in the same way as close in the same way as this happened not far off from 200 years before.

2005 YU55 nearby distance to Earth willpower occur on Tuesday late afternoon. Rank 2005 YU55 whilst it willpower come about by the side of a distance of 323,200 kilometers (202 thousand miles) from Earth.

This distance is closer than the distance of the earth to the moon is not far off from 384,000 miles so far. With the aim of income 2005 YU55 a moment ago 124,000 kilometers from the moon.