Shakira Bought the Island In the Caribbean

Shakira Bought the Island In the Caribbean Travel is at all times a profitable venture. Although near are millions of spaces around the humankind but still it's tourist attractions visited by colonize. Caribbean is unquestionably single with the aim of is still standard tourist destination. Therefore Shakira in addition desperate to bad buy the island near to be present a tourist soup on with the aim of is various from other locations.

Fee to be present paid is not tiny. Bonds Cay, an island located in the sphere of the northern Caribbean is priced by the side of U.S. $ 16 million. Shakira does not own. He took the boss Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, to reach set a stake in the sphere of this lucrative venture. If not mistaken, Antonio De La Rua, beloved Shakira in addition took part in the sphere of this fresh venture.

The table, according to news reported by communication melody, the island strength of character be present a place of luxury seeing the sights to the millionaires who did not hesitate to exhaust money in favor of a satisfying vacation. In the sphere of addition to building several villas, Shakira and Roger Waters strength of character in addition build an painting gallery in favor of resident artists. The belief is other directed to arts and culture, more readily than recently a regular vacation.

"This island is very beautiful. Near is in addition a income to the high-pitched plains landscape is in addition good. To the east near are views of the ocean and cliffs and blue sea. On the other furnish, sea irrigate is other apparent for the reason that it is not too deep. Right in favor of fishing," explains John Christie, associate president of HG Christie, the Caribbean island real estate dealer.