Muammar Gaddafi Death Video

Muammar Gadaffi Death Trend Micro, returned to get hold of the spam messages with the aim of function the death of Muammar Gaddafi with the lure of capture on tape and images in the sphere of order to create a center of attention Internet users to download malicious library.

Near are by the side of smallest amount three belongings the findings. Trend Micro indicated with the aim of spam messages claiming with the aim of Gaddafi's death capture on tape was loaded and disguise itself to the same degree a newsletter with the aim of comes from CNN in the sphere of Spanish.

The news informs users to download capture on tape footage of death Gaddafi. Capture on tape library named video-Gadafi.Mpeg.Exe bowed banned to bring malware with BKDR_IRCBOT.DAM identification with the aim of yearn for link up users to the head waiter malware spreader.
Spam messages a succeeding, found by Trend Micro in the sphere of the form of store attachments. RAR is sent via email. This store contains the so-called "last body image Muammar Gaddafi", but with no knowing whilst we are to get ready the extract we are in point of fact wearisome to malware attack.

The third message, identified in the sphere of the store Gadafi.Exe, philosophy to survive malicious which has been detected to the same degree BKDR_EXDEPH.A.

Profiles virus has at present misused dramatically - from a macro pandemic into a sophisticated and under attack attacks. Recognizing with the aim of the modus operandi is excluding valuable times of yore, at present cybercriminals are constantly entrance up with new to the job techniques to trick users and infect. They continued to announce a new to the job menace variants, increasing the rate menace, and using the menace to the same degree a random attack, slip data through malware, and botnets.

This episode was reminiscent of all countries, in the sphere of order to persist raising awareness with the aim of security brainpower in the sphere of in a row machinery, cloud and cell, is very worthy.