Intruder at Obama event

Makana - Intruder at Obama event A widespread Hawaiian artist managed to fool the super-tight security by the side of a ceremonial dinner hosted by U.S. President Barrack Obama to host the leaders of Asia relaxing countries. The vocalist was named Makana delicate work to rule by singing a song with the aim of supported the feat "occupy".

Makana had infiltrated the executive ceremony held by the side of the hometown of Obama, Honolulu, Hawaii, on Saturday night. In the sphere of the central of a ceremonial dinner in the sphere of the resort of Waikiki Beach, he opened his jacket and present shirt with the aim of reads "occupy With Aloha" and a the minority lexis in the sphere of Hawaiian language is interpreted, plus passion and end of war.

Followed by, the man's 33-year singing his new to the job song, entitled We Are the Many in the sphere of the mixture version. "I am in point of fact a minute anxious and scared. I kept back thinking, what did you say? The penalty yearn for I receive from liability this," he asked.

"That was a unreasonable emergence. Although I was scared, but I can get pleasure from it," Makana thought to the same degree quoted by AFP on Monday (14/11).

Makana whose real fame is Matthew Swalinkavich admitted his songs lure eccentric looks from a little of the guests in the sphere of attendance. Meanwhile, Obama looks fun with the guests and paid minute attention to the presence of Makana.

According to security the system, protests took place by the side of a ceremonial dinner attended by 21 leaders of Asia-Pacific countries, plus Chinese President Hu Jintao, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Makana additionally claimed the feat was inspired by anti-capitalist work to rule movement with the aim of began with a demonstration of "occupy side Street" in the sphere of new to the job York a little instant before. The demonstration was denounced Washington politicians and the greed of hefty corporations. Makana is additionally called to the same degree the U.S. Profitable procedure is undeserved.