Beware of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Beware of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Whitish or an increase in genital secretions is actually a normal, occurs mainly in those who have been married. One of the factors that normally provide physical stimulation is the stimulation of the husband and wife.

However, if the discharge is excessive, has changed color, very itchy and even painful and hot, then chances are that whiteness is abnormal (pathological). If this has lasted a long time and interfere with the good to consult a doctor for examination or pap smear vaginal swab (take a swab of secretions in the vagina or cervix) laboratory to be examined further in order to know clearly the type of germs that cause the genital infection.

The cause could be bacteria, viruses, fungi or protozoa. and of course with the examination will also be a rational treatment. Our advice also keep the humidity of the genital areas (hygenitas).