Eliminate Eye Bags In 30 Minutes

Ulthera Ulthera is the latest technology that uses sound wave technology to tighten skin without surgery. A tool that emit ultrasound waves will be placed on the skin surface. These waves will penetrate to the muscle tissue relaxes, so that when fired this wave will make those muscles move closer and tighten.

Moreover, these waves also stimulate collagen production so skin tightening process will continue with the optimal up to 3 months after the session Ulthera.

Because the body's reaction to rely Ulthera facial skin tightening, face lifting procedure in this way gives a more natural result. In addition, tightening the skin also makes the face look more gaunt.

In addition to face lifting, Ulthera technique can be targeted to specific areas such as the area under the eyes. If the appearance of eye bags have been seen, Ulthera will be able to provide solutions that lift the skin under the eyes, eliminating eye bags.

No wonder Ulthera become so popular and became a phenomenon in the world of beauty.

One Ulthera session lasted about 30 minutes and patients can go home after the session and business as usual. Risks include swelling of the face were counted a minimum and without incisions.