What's Wrong With Jasmine Villegas?

What's wrong with Jasmine Villegas? The search engine giant Google, shows a search using keywords Jasmine Villegas is quite high, and till now still continue to occur.
Perhaps many people are still curious about relationship Jasmine Villegas with Justin Bieber, curiosity was not wrong because some time ago came the news in various media about:
  1. Rift between Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez.
  2. Justin caught making out with Jasmine Villegas camera in the car, relationship still continues in Venice.
  3. Justin Bieber also caught off guard by Selena Gomez, exchanging intimate messages by Jasmine Villegas.
Although Justin and Selena Gomez have denied their rift, with a kiss on the Teen Choice Awards event, curiosity still many people who want to find the truth of the relationship with Justin Bieber Jasmine Villegas.
For Jasmine Villegas, Justin Bieber is an interesting person. "He's not a fake. He was like, It's me Justin. It's me who is actually" she says.
In the eyes of Jasmine, Justin is a man who is open and playful. "But sometimes he likes to be silly" She said.
Jasmine Villegas - Justin Bieber - Selena Gomez
From left: Jasmine Villegas, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez

Justin kiss Selena Gomez
Justin kiss Selena Gomez

Justin kiss Jasmine Villegas
Justin kiss Jasmine Villegas