The Tragedy 9/11 - 9 Conspiracy Theories

9 conspiracy posed by the devastating attacks that killed about 3,000 people.

The Tragedy 9-11

  1. Attacked U.S. Will Know It
    The current U.S. president, George W. Bush said that no one else in his administration that envisages the superpower it would be attacked by planes that crashed into a skyscraper. But a few weeks earlier, when Bush and some leaders of the G8 in Genoa, Italy, taking into account the scenario. They put anti-aircraft missiles near the meeting place. Previously, Italy had the threat of being attacked by aircraft.
  2. WTC Collapses Due to Explosives
    A number of physicists as well as fans of conspiracy theories and civil engineering experts believe the WTC was detonated from within. Not that alone was hit by a plane. This stems from the WTC building technique that firmly but destroyed down to the bottom. According to them, there is a large amount of explosives stored at the WTC in strategic places.
  3. Stock Broker Role
    Before 9/11 there was a stock market action that impact is quite broad. For example: United Airlines stock and hijacked American Airlines plane, they released large stocks before 9/11. While security companies, on the other side who will reap the profits botched attack the WTC, have also flooded the stock orders. Shares of Morgan Stanley, which has offices in the WTC also had massive selloff.
  4. Aircraft Can Actually Shot
    NORAD (North American Defense Command) should be able to shoot the planes hijacked or being able to dispel the plane approached its target. But NORAD did not do this and they found out too late there are hijacking the plane.
  5. Plane at the Pentagon
    Another theory says the Pentagon is not attacked by American Airlines Flight 77. His argument, Pentagon is the safest building in the world, has thousands of surveillance cameras. But none of the cameras that would catch the plane hit the Pentagon. Conspiracy theories linking the Pentagon attack by the person who fired the missile to the U.S. Department of Defense's headquarters.
  6. Black Box
    Each plane has two black boxes that store the flight information. Surprisingly, none of the black box of the two planes that hit the WTC. But lately, the workers who clean the rest of the rest of the WTC say they helped federal agents took three of four black boxes in there. And black boxes at the Pentagon also claimed to have been very damaged to read. Black box that can be read only from the general United 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania.
  7. Action of the CIA and Mossad
    Former president of Italy come to give the conspiracy theory. According to him, there is information from the Italian left who claimed the CIA and the Mossad was behind the WTC attacks. So they make Islam and Muslims as a scapegoat. Even the Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Service Intelligence claims to know no such plans.
  8. Not Plane, But Missile
    Assuming a fuselage made of aluminum that low power to tear down the WTC, then there are a number of people who judge lest not the plane that crashed into the WTC, but a missile-like aircraft with a holographic effect. This theory is supported from the frame by frame analysis of the collision that broadcast the show the shape of a plane more like a cigar tapering sleeve.
  9. For the sake of Oil
    Destroying the WTC will pave the way for western countries to control oil assets in the Middle East. Fans of conspiracy theorists believe the giant oil companies have the resources to make such attacks.