Stay away from Low-Fat Yogurt

Low-Fat Yogurt For pregnant women are advised not to consume low-fat yogurt (low-fat). The use of yogurt of this type will increase the risk of babies born with asthma.

In the European Respiratory Society conference, the researchers said this was due to the lack of protective fatty acids in the yogurt. Researchers conducted an analysis of Denmark about 70 thousand women and their children do regarding diet during pregnancy.

Pregnant women who eat low-fat yogurt with fruit has a likelihood 1.6 times more likely to give birth to children who have asthma at age seven. This is compared with pregnant women who did not consume yogurt type.
The study also found children of mothers who consumed yogurt is more prone to suffer from allergies and asthma symptoms rhinitis.

But the results of these studies showed the intake of milk during pregnancy has nothing to do with an increased risk of asthma. In fact, milk actually protects baby from asthma.