Park51 Islamic Cultural Center Inaugurated

Park51 Islamic Cultural Center Park51 Islamic Cultural Center was unveiled near the site of the World Trade Center, New York, United States, on Wednesday (21 / 9). The opening ceremony was held in an orderly and peaceful. This scene was contrasted with the mass crowds who come to the site to convey their objections to the construction of cultural center is also a mosque in this place.

The inauguration ceremony was also held a photo exhibition titled NYChildren. The exhibition displays 160 images of children of immigrants who live in New York. Establishment of mosques and Islamic cultural center marks the rise of democracy in the sense of truth, which has long been the dream of President Barack Obama.

Construction of the mosque is also the cultural center has previously been loud protests from various parties. Ground Zero to assess the opposition that is located in the vicinity of the twin towers that collapsed in the terrorist attacks 11 September 2001 as a sacred place. Moreover, terrorist attacks on the twin towers of the building by connecting it often extreme and radical Islam. Therefore the construction of a mosque in this place can hurt the opposition is deemed a U.S. citizen.

Despite continued sharp criticism from the opposition, Obama remains fiercely defended the mosque building plan. Some public criticism and opposition, especially from Republicans, leading to the location of the mosque which is planned to be built in that place.