Caring Curly Hair

  • Curly Hair Keep the humidity
    The owners of curly hair is highly recommended to keep the hair moist. In order to curl hair soft and pliable use a deep conditioning treatment twice a month. If your hair is dry, do not wash too often - try only two times a week.
  • Be careful Drying
    You should be careful dealing with curly hair. Avoid using too coarse towel when drying your hair or wrap your hair with a towel to absorb excess water wash.
    "Curly hair should be dried slowly, but if your schedule is too dense for it, wipe with a soft towel and make sure your hair does not fall apart when rubbed," advises celebrity stylist Kristan Serafino. "If curly hair is touched with the rough - or worse combed - will cause you even natural curly hair disheveled."
    Citing Conectique, you should dry your hair with your fingers, with or without a fan. The result will make the hair become more regular and flexible.
  • Do not touch
    When using curl enhancer products such as cream, gel or mousse, follow the pattern of your hair curly, rotate from the center to the ends of your hair, Serafino advice. "When hair is dry, then you should apply new silicone serum on the ends of your hair to soften the pattern and make it more shiny curls," he added.

Once laid out, do not touch your hair again because the more you "play", your hair will actually grow tangled.

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