Looking for the Lost Prototype iPhone 5

Gadget - Apple iPhone 5 San Francisco police on Friday said the security division helped Apple to look for "lost property". This news follows the loss of a prototype for the iPhone is missing on July 5.

Police officers did not say directly that the missing items, but the police left the clues by issuing a press release on Friday of "iphone5.doc," which refers to the new iPhone version will be released soon.

Apple declined to comment on this issue.

CNET technology news service said the iPhone prototype was lost in the bar 5 San Francisco in July. A local newspaper SF Weekly, on Friday, citing sources in the San Francisco man who says police searched his home in July to look for a lost iPhone 5.

SF Weekly quoted from a 22-year-old man who searched his home, searcher groups that identify themselves as police and no one said they were working for Apple.

They have traced the prototype with the search satellite positioning device but did not find anything in the house, he said.
The man named Sergio Calderon and could not be reached for comment by Reuters.

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